As sensitive souls in this world, we can often feel misunderstood, flawed, too much or not enough, and feel alone in our lived experience of high sensitivity. We are driven for deep connection. So I bring you the Sensitively Strong Gathering.

This is where our Sensitively Strong Community meet live to connect, to support, and celebrate one another. This caring community has created a beautifully supportive and nurturing space where we can feel seen, heard, and prized as a sensitive person. This supportive circle of sensitive souls gift you with a sense of coming home to yourself!

Whether you want to talk openly or just observe, you are so welcome. Come as you are, in all your beautiful sensitivity.

During this gathering you will get the chance to:

💚 Connect with other sensitive souls, those who innately understand you, nurturing a sense of deep belonging

💚 Get some release by sharing the weight of all you're holding right now (if this feels right for you)

💚 Hear helpful strategies and get some inspiration from other senistive souls

💚 Learn about some effective tools I teach my clients and participants of the Sensitively Strong courses

💚 Experience a grounding exercise which will leave you feeling more peaceful and nourished.

Then, feeling inspired and restored, we can return to living a sensitively strong life!


If you would like to avail of monthly strategies, access to ongoing support in our private facebook group, and a gathering ticket all for a lower price than this drop in ticket rate for the Sensitively Strong Gathering, then check out our membership for the Sensitively Strong Community here:



Looking forward to connecting with you! 

Sensitively Strong Gathering Ticket


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