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Sensitively Strong Community Membership

As sensitive souls in this world, we can often feel misunderstood, flawed, too much or not enough, and feel alone in our lived experience of high sensitivity. We are driven for deep connection. So I bring you the Sensitively Strong Community.

This community has created a beautifully supportive and nurturing space where we can feel seen, heard, and celebrated as a sensitive person. It provides a consistent presence of support, understanding, and a place to learn strategies to stay Sensitively Strong.

The membership doors to our community are now open and treats you to all of these supports:

  • Monthly live online gatherings with myself and the rest of our community

  • Access to our private Sensitively Strong Connections Facebook group

  • Monthly Sensitively Strong resources & strategies covering themes specific to your sensitive needs

  • Discounts on any online courses in the Sensitively Strong School

I know how overstimulated we can be with demands and information so I’ve paced the elements of this membership at a pace that I’ve observed to work for us... just enough to feel supported and motivated but not so much that it will just be another source of overwhelm. 

In this membership we focus on different themes each month that relate to our sensitivity such as strategies to soothe our nervous system and manage overstimulation, creating healthier boundaries, communication, dealing with perfectionism and shame, handling change, transitions, and difficult situations/environments, and whatever needs arise for us too.

It's been proven that highly sensitive people thrive more than those without this trait when we are in positive environments. So come along, feel heard, feel seen, feel held and most importantly, feel prized for your sensitivity.

Whether you want to talk openly or are more of an observer, you are so welcome. Come as you are, in all your beautiful sensitivity.

Stay Sensitively Strong!

With love,

Donna x

Let me tell you a little more about this wonderful community...

Donna Bacon: 0851527718

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