"My perceptive ability allows me to get to the root of your issues and therefore help you to overcome the challenges you are experiencing. My unique way of achieving this blends both a practical and creative approach, working collaboratively with you to tap into your internal resources and empower you to make positive changes in your life."

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FREE Consultation

30 mins - phone/in-person

Want to know how I can help? Nervous about starting? Contact me for your Free Consultation 

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Home Comfort Counselling

60 mins/ Prices Vary

The benefits of counselling from any place that suits you!

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One to One

60 mins/ Prices Vary

Whatever you're struggling with, I can help you overcome this issue and start to thrive in your life.

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Online Courses

60 mins/ Prices Vary

Looking to understand yourself better and start living a more fulfilling and empowered life, then check out my online courses. 

Holding Hands


60 mins/ Prices Vary

Sessions with your loved ones are extremely helpful for resolving problems! 

Therapy Session


90 mins/ Prices Vary

Connect with others on your shared experiences - you are not alone.

Donna Bacon: 0851527718

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