Breathing Exercise

September 17, 2018


Want to know if your breathing is helping or hindering your anxiety? Watch this video where I show you how to observe your breathing and explore if it's either abdominal breathing or shallow breathing. In the upcoming course I will be explaining why abdominal or "belly breaths" are so important for reducing anxiety and I will teach you how to achieve this. For now, just get to know your type of breathing...



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The last few nights my husband has been jet lagged and was tossing and turning in the bed trying to readjust to our time zone. Add in my high sensitiv...

Sleep 💤

March 30, 2019

What labels or criticism did you hear when you were younger?

- Get over it
- Don’t be so serious
- Lighten up
- You’re overthinking/overanalysing
- Do...

Shift The Shame

March 30, 2019

After a wonderfully fun afternoon with my husband and two little girls playing bowling and in a play centre, I was elated. I was also completely frazz...

Finding Your Rhytym

March 30, 2019

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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